Chloe Goodchild - Singing Field - CD Single

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Track Listing

1.Singing Field
2.One Look from You

An Anthem for the World

Singing Field is composed by Chloë Goodchild, and is inspired by the ecstatic love poetry of Sufi mystic Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi. (translated Coleman Barks) This anthem arrests the heart and invites the audience into a wide landscape of human feeling and deep listening.

Singing Field is a call to the beauty that we long for. It is dedicated to the transformation of suffering and to the revelation of the compassionate heart in all beings. 

Singing Field is an invitation to individuals, communities and nations worldwide to re-awaken our respect, honour and compassion for ourselves and each other. May it inspire unconditional love beyond all barriers of culture and creed.

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