City No Mad - Hamid Baroudi

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Track Listing

1. Desert Roots  04.30 minutes
2. Salama (Peace for All)  04.14 minutes
3. Caravan II Baghdad  04.35 minutes
4. Song for Boudiaf  06.15 minutes
5. Moulana (My Sweet Lord)  03.59 minutes
6. Fatima  04.37 minutes
7. Streets of Algiers  05.49minutes
8. African Soul  05.32 minutes
9. Alash  07.08 minutes


African, euro, middle-eastern, ethno, and techno are just some of the adjectives used to describe Baroudi's music. From with his Algerian roots, he has ventured fearlessly into the sounds of funk, west-african, drum and base, and other dance music forms. Baroudi is one of the leading innovators of the cross-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-genre sound.

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