Constance Demby - Attunement

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Track Listing

1.0Bringing Down The Silence   14.53 minutes
2.0Strings of my Heart   06.56 minutes
3.0Out of the Mist   03.29 minutes
4.0Eyes in the Mirror   04.40 minutes
5.0Fathoms (Space Bass)   08.50 minutes
6.0Depp Mother   09.06 minutes
7.0Gabriel's Dragon   05.39 minutes
8.0Absolution   08.04 minutes
9.0The Light of All   06.12 minutes
10.0Ringing in the New   02.36 minutes


A Live Concert with Constance Demby is more than beautiful music; it is a transmission of sonic encoded information that brings forth profound emotional depths.

Demby performs on the Space Bass and Kurzweil digital sampling synthesizers, advanced state-of-art keyboards that allow her to play multple layers of sounds simultaneously.

Her extraordinary voice and her pechant for playing the energetics of the moment, all contribute to bring forth a unique and potent transmission in this live concert recording.

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