Dakini Mandarava - Cosmic Meditation: Healing Planets Vol 1

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Track Listing

1. Moon Stream 6.33   
2. Jupiter Bowl 4.05   
3. Earth Elements 4.54   
4. Sun chakra 4.34    
5. Mystic mars 3.23   
6. Garden Universe 4.20   
7. Interstellar Meditation 3.27   
8. Sounds of venus 3.50   
9. Waves of Life 4.38   
10. Deep Space 6.36 


A dream journey through the spheres of the firmament.
With this CD you take off very quickly to infinity. Whether " Mystic Mars "or "Moon Stream ", the ten tracks you can lift off from the here and now. The " silence "of this planet CD come in a perfect deep relaxation.
Dakini Mandarava alias Jens Buchert is a perfectionist when it comes to healthy and beautiful music.
Make your own dream!

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