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Dance Your Animal - Professor Trance & Wolfman

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Track Listing

1. Calling The Animal Spirits  09.00 minutes
2. Dance Your Animal  21.59 minutes
3. Become The Dance (Shape-Shifter)  11.14 minutes
4. Grand Parade  11.13 minutes
5. Land Of Whales  14.29 minutes

This is the latest trance dance offering from Professor Trance who co-created this high concept and richly-layered production with composer and arranger Hellmut Wolf.

The shamanic ritual of dancing your animal, a minimum of every full moon was required to maintain the unique consciousness and power of your Spirit Animal. From the tiniest of tots who danced their bear given to them at birth to nurture and protect to the eldest of the Elders who still danced their eagle given to them at coming of age to fly high and envision the future. All celebrated their Spirit Animal together dancing round a fire at full moon.

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