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David Hykes - Harmonic Meditations

Product Code: CD182
Price: £13.99

Track Listing

1.0Unity Meditation One   07.19 minutes
2.0Trio Meditation One   05.05 minutes
3.0Unity Meditation Two   05.41 minutes
4.0Trio Meditation Two   04.01 minutes
5.0Unity Meditation Three   06.30 minutes
6.0Trio Meditation Three   03.13 minutes
7.0Unity Meditation Four   10.04 minutes
8.0The Silent Ground   20.51 minutes
9.0Times To The True   03.42 minutes
10.0Secial Times Three   05.09 minutes

Total Time: 71.35

A quarter-million listeners made "Hearing Solar Winds" a classic; now comes David Hykes Harmonic Meditations, his first 21st-century release.

Hykes is the legendary composer and musician who, besides introducing Western audiences to the throat singing of Tuva, Tibet, and Mongolia, has created a world of universal sacred music, the Harmonic Chant.

Here are eight profound compositions that open the listener to incredible states of expanded consciousness aligned with the vibrational frequencies of the cosmos itself.

Includes The Silent Ground, which the Harmonic Choir premiered in New York for WNYC-FM re-inauguration of the Winter Garden opposite Ground Zero.

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