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David & Steve Gordon - Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Fire

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Product Code: CD1530
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Track Listing 

1. Shaman's Drum Dance  4.54 
 2. Eagle's Rhythm Gift  6.15 
 3. Rainbow Hoop Warrior  6.45 
 4. Earth Sky Totem  5.31 
 5. Empowered Fire Groove  6.54 
 6. Animal Ally Beat  6.39 
 7. Sunrise Fire Drums  6.30 
 8. South Wind Drum Call  10.09
Connect with the healing power of the ancient beat with these entrancing grooves of drums and percussion from every corner of the planet. Award winning masters of rhythm David & Steve Gordon are renowned for their trademark blends of world drumming, Native flutes, guitar, keyboards and nature sounds such as Sacred Earth Drums and Drum Medicine. In this album they have created a mesmerizing drum expedition by using their extensive exotic percussion collection that were used on their acclaimed world fusion albums and then they added just the right amount of soaring Native American Flute melodies. They are also joined by drum master Kim Atkinson and hand drummer extraordinaire Bobby Cochran. This energizing drum trance adventure is great for dance and movement, working out, power yoga or any time you need a lift. Move to the deep resonance of primal world rhythms and unite with the heartbeat of the earth!

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