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David & Steve Gordon - Earth Drum: The 25th Anniversary Collection - CD & DVD

Product Code: CD1412
Price: £13.27
Track Listing

1. Ancient Ways  8.05

2. Dancing For a Vision  4.25

3. Within the Cloud Lodge  6.57

4. San Blessing  8.55

5. Thunder Dreamer  7.32

6. Spirit Vision  6.32

7. South Wind Meeting  5.54

8. Power Animals  8.42

Feel the rhythms of the earth - Drums from around the globe mix with spellbinding Native-American Flute, Incan Pan Pipes, guitars, ancient chants, sacred atmospheres and sounds of nature. Ground-breaking "sound-explorers" the Gordon Brothers, have chosen their favorite drumming songs from their award-winning career for this 25th Anniversary collection. The Gordon's bestselling blend of world instruments and natural sounds is sought after for yoga, dancing, massage and the healing arts. They are unmatched in their ability to use healing Shaman rhythms to soothe and renew body and soul. Move to the ancient tribal rhythms and become drawn into the dance - for the gift of life and of the earth!

Includes a FREE BONUS DVD with breathtaking scenery of some of the world's most beautiful places featuring the Gordons’ entrancing surround-sound audio score. Originally filmed in high definition, these nature films combined with the Gordons’ music creates a truly multi-sensory experience.

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