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Dechen Shak-Dagsay - Tibetan Spirit - CD + DVD

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Track Listing

1. Chenresi (Avalokiteshvara Mantra) 5.09
2. Dorje Sempa (Vajra Sattva Mantra) 5.22
3. Inviting Tara (Chen Dren) 3.45
4. Prostration (Chag Tshel) 4.17
5. Praise to Tara (Dröl Ma Nyer Tshig Kyi Toepa) 8.07
6. Oepha Me (Amidaba Mantra) 5.21
7. Balancing the Elements (Dschung Wa Thog Sön) 5.37
8. Religions of the World (Tam Tshö Na Tsog) 6.49
9. Care for the Environment (Khor Yug Sung Kyob) 5.37
10. Care for the Animals (Sog Tshag Tshe Kyong) 5.56
11. Share the Treasures of the World (Sog Tshag Tshe Kyong) 3.46
12. The Long Avalokiteshvara Mantra (Chenresi Kyi Sung Ring) 3.20

Dechen says Rather than judging who is right and who is wrong, it is always my deep personal wish that I manage to create a field of reconciliation and forgiveness whenever I sing the Tibetan Mantra prayers for you. Wherever there is a conflict between people, family, community or nations, we first need to create a basis of a neutral ground. Otherwise it will be very difficult to restore harmony. The sound of Mantras has a healing power and helps us to quieten the endless flow of hectic thoughts, making our mind calm and helps us to attain clarity of mind. All conflicts, from the smallest to the biggest conflicts of wars with devastating destruction have their source in an uncontrolled mind dominated by three poisons of mind, hate, greed and ignorance. We firmly believe that these ancient syllables carry the blessings of Buddha and that they protect us from negative energies.

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