Deep Sky Divers - The New Fast Lane

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Track Listing

1. lake of menteith (part one revisited)  10.02 minutes
2. full moon rise  05.17 minutes
3. deep sky meditation  05.10 minutes
4. start of a new day  06.31 minutes
5. at the heart of the cyclone  19.59 minutes
6. beyond the hills (by the low road)  10.00 minutes
7. lake of menteith (end peace)  02.57 minutes

Total Time 60.00


The latest and "most chilled-out and inspirational" DEEP SKY DIVERS cd containing new music and chilled-down reworked versions of existing tracks (such as LAKE OF MENTEITH and DEEP SKY MEDITATION).

Think HIGHLANDS & SKYLANDS with less peak / more valley.

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