Deepak Chopra & Friends - A Gift Of Love - Double Album

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Track Listing Disc I

1.0Valentine to Rumi [Musical Prelude]   00.57 minutes
2.0My Burning Heart   01.00 minutes
3.0Bittersweet   02.12 minutes
4.0Intoxicated by Love   01.54 minutes
5.0The Lover's Passion   01.04 minutes
6.0Do You Love Me   01.34 minutes
7.0Come to Me   01.04 minutes
8.0Desire   02.06 minutes
9.0The Alchemy of Love   01.20 minutes
10.0Caught in the Fire of Love   01.04 minutes
11.0The Awakening   02.24 minutes
12.0I Am Yours   01.07 minutes
13.0Behind the Scenes   00.44 minutes
14.0Looking for Your Face   02.12 minutes
15.0The Meaning of Love   01.42 minutes
16.0Aroused Passion   00.50 minutes
17.0Dying to Love   02.11 minutes
18.0The Privileged Lovers   01.08 minutes
19.0Precious Love   02.07 minutes
20.0Surrender   00.59 minutes
21.0Defeated by Love   00.40 minutes
22.0Lost in the Wilderness   02.00 minutes
23.0The Mythical Lover   01.22 minutes
24.0I Am and I Am Not   00.57 minutes
25.0The Agony of Lovers   00.45 minutes
26.0The Agony and Ecstasy of Divine Discontent   03.26 minutes
27.0The Mirror   00.36 minutes
28.0Look at Your Eyes   00.20 minutes
29.0Looking for Love   00.21 minutes
30.0Some Kiss   00.58 minutes
31.0The Freshness   00.56 minutes
32.0My Beloved   00.28 minutes
33.0The Hunt   00.34 minutes
34.0Desire [Instrumental]   03.49 minutes
35.0A Lover's Madness [Instrumental]   03.22 minutes
36.0The Lover's Passion [Instrumental]   03.47 minutes

Track Listing Disc II

1.0Introduction   03.59 minutes
2.0The Story of Shams and Rumi   14.30 minutes
3.0The First Law - Attraction   04.52 minutes
4.0The Second Law - Infatuation   07.12 minutes
5.0The Third Law - Communion   07.09 minutes
6.0The Fourth Law - Intimacy   06.54 minutes
7.0The Fifth Law - Surrender   03.28 minutes
8.0The Sixth Law - Passion   07.05 minutes
9.0The Seventh Law - Ecstasy   09.08 minutes


Deepak & friends present music inspired by the love poems of Rumi.

A 2-CD set, plus a 64-page booklet providing a guide for creating, recognizing and sustaining love in our lives.

On CD 1, Deepak Chopra, Madonna, Demi Moore, Debra Winger, Goldie Hawn, Rosa Parks, Blythe Danner, Noah Hutton, Martin Sheen and many others read new translations of the Love Poems of Rumi; accompanied by a unique, original soundtrack.

On CD 2, Deepak Chopra reads from the previously unreleased "Sevens Spiritual Laws of Love".

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