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Deepak Chopra - The Soul of Healing Meditations

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Track Listing

1. Breathing Meditation  07.08 minutes
2. Heart Meditation  06.12 minutes
3. Body Awareness  04.25 minutes
4. Heart Sutra Meditation  10.07 minutes
5. Envoking the Gods of Healing  07.41 minutes
6. Inviting the Spirit of Healing  03.27 minutes
7. Banishing Disease  02.41 minutes
8. Ode Of Solomon  03.56 minutes

Deepak Chopra with music by Adam Plack.

The Soul of Healing Meditations was created for anyone who has ever asked a question about meditation.

A beautiful heart opening combination of powerful meditations and soothing music that can change your life by invoking your body's natural ability to heal itself. The Soul of Healing Meditations provide an effortless journey for the renewal of your Body, Mind and Spirit.

No experience necessary.

Requires no incense, no concentration, no painful sitting positions, no saffron robes, chanting optional.

Requires only Your Self. Enquire within.

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