Deva Premal & Miten In Concert with special guest Manose - CD & DVD

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CD Track Listing

1. moola mantra (invocation)  3:23 
2. calma e tranquilidade  8:27 
3. aad guray  7:58 
4. gayatri mantra  8:19 
5. shamno mitra  2:05 
6. mother inside  4:10 
7. ilumina  3:43 
8. radhe govinda  8:51 
9. twameva  5:52 
10. awakening  7:08 
11. maha mrityunjaya mantra  1:39 
12. in the light of love  7:17 

Total Time: 69 mins

DVD Track Listing 
1. gayatri mantra  
2. twameva  
3. calma e tranquilidade  
4. maha mrityunjaya mantra  
5. awakening  
6. so sings rasika  
7. shamno mitra  
8. mother inside  
9. you gotta move  
10. tumare darshan  
11. free spirit (ashes to ashes)  
12. radhe govinda  
13. so much magnificence  
14. moola mantra invocation (reprise) 

Total Time: 120 mins

In response to the many requests received over the years, this long awaited album - capturing the magic of Deva Premal & Miten IN CONCERT - released on June 2, 2009.

Deva, Miten, and Manose have been touring together constantly for the past 4 years, during which time their concerts have gained a reputation for spiritual rejuvenation, high celebration and deep meditation, steeped in the richness of Sanskrit mantra. In 2008, they delighted an audience of over 40,000 in over 22 countries visited.

This double CD/DVD digi-pak captures the spirit of the trio’s live experience exquisitely, recorded in their ‘home town’ of Byron Bay Australia. It contains many of their most inspirational mantras and songs, and 6 previously unrecorded, brand new pieces.

The CD features the haunting, uplifting new anthem In The Light Of Love/Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha, while the 2 hour BONUS DVD captures the magic of the evening, along with personal interviews and extras.

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