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Deva Premal & Miten - MantraLove

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Product Code: CD1728
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Track Listing

1.Om Triambakam
2.Na Ki Le
4.Vertical Reality
5.Aham Prema
6.So Much Magnificence
7.White Tara
8.Jai Radha Madhva
9.Beautiful Surprise
10.Om Asatoma
11.Shadow of Light

Sacred Chant to Inspire and Celebrate the Energy of Divine Love

Deva Premal and Miten have inspired millions of listeners with the power of devotional chant and music. With MantraLove, they offer an uplifting new collection of songs in celebration of universal love. Calming, ecstatic, and uplifting, Deva and Miten’s luminous voices evoke here the union of the divine masculine and feminine that connects us to one another and creates wholeness. Here, the duo awakens within us the great cosmic dance to open our hearts, enter the depths of the ecstatic divine, and let the energy flow. Contains previously released tracks.

Deva Premal and Miten have released 14 albums together, including Into Silence, The Essence, Password, Love is Space, Embrace, Songs for the Inner Lover, Soul in Wonder, and Dakshina. Deva is known worldwide for her serene, sacred chants and their power to draw listeners into the space of universal love and consciousness. Miten has composed, guided, and overseen their musical adventures for the past 20 years, creating his own brand of spiritual self-penned songs and uplifting production values, which he lovingly applies to all their recordings.

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