Deva Premal & Miten with Manose - A Deeper Light

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Track Listing

1. Om Kumara Mantra (innocence) 10:28
2. Om Shree Rama Mantra (refuge) 10:22
3. Om Kama Mantra/Deeper (tantra mantra) 09:14
4. Guru Brahma Mantra (devotion) 07:09
5. Om Mantra (the cosmic yes) 10:15
6. Om Apadamapa Mantra (healing) 04:30
7. Om Triambakam Mantra (wellness) 04:12
8. Om Parama Prema Mantra (embrace) 08:15

'A Deeper Light' takes us on in an exciting new musical direction whilst still fusing Eastern and Western influences to bring a fresh, vibrant energy to the world's most ancient mantra prayers. Award winning Canada based producer Joby Baker brings a subtle sun-soaked reggae tinge to many of the tracks which compliments the purity and richness of Deva's vocals with the virtuoso contributions of Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) maestro Manose heard throughout. A hypnotic, meditative groove runs throughout the album and allows the listener to truly lose themselves in the music. This is a fresh new perspective on a style that is fast becoming essential listening for those looking for depth and spiritual nourishment in music.

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