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Deva Premal - The Essence

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 Track Listing

1. Gayatri Mantra  09.49 minutes
2. Om Asatoma  02.23 minutes
3. Tamare Darshan  08.14 minutes
4. Om Namo  07.28 minutes
5. Shima Shima  10.05 minutes
6. Sammasati  07.13 minutes
7. Yemaya Assessu  03.34 minutes
8. Gayatri Mantra  09.47 minutes

Deva Premal's debut album has become a best-seller and is one of the most popular albums in the New Age world.

Featuring 'Gayatri Mantra' - the most endearing and enduring vocal purification ceremony of all time - an ecstatic soul intimately connected with the Divine; it has been recorded dozens of times, and chanted by millions every day. But rarely, if ever, has it been set to music and sung with such spiritually uplifting grace. German-born vocalist Premal has the kind of voice to which all singers aspire: pure, warmly resonant, boasting both perfect enunciation and respectable range. Weaving her exquisitely lovely 'instrument' through Miten's sumptuous and sensual chordal textures, Premal blesses us with a rendition of this most ancient of mantras that is quite possibly the most moving ever made.

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