Dewa Che - Dechen Shak-Dagsay

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Track Listing

1. Chenresi  10.18 minutes
2. Men-Lha  06.27 minutes
3. Lobon Rinpoche  05.27 minutes
4. Dorje-Sempa  06.27 minutes
5. Ohpa-Me  07.03 minutes
6. Tshe-Pak-Me  08.40 minutes
7. Dolma  07.48 minutes
8. Namgyel-Ma  04.47 minutes
9. Dcham-Pal-Yang  05.26 minutes
10. Tchu-Du  05.23 minutes
11. Drip-Sel  05.00 minutes


For the first time the Tibetan singer presents a collection of wonderful old and new Tibetan mantras. The mantras are suitable for passive listening in support of the powers of self-healing, and for various meditation exercises. Many listeners will recognize the unique voice of Dechen Shak-Dagsay from the CD "Tai Chi" (Oliver Shanti).

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