Didgeridoo Trance Dance - Music Mosaic Collection

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Track Listing

1. Gurrupurung  05.07 minutes
 by Gondwana, Log Music

Multi-layered didgeridu riffs and traditional aboriginal Arnhem Land voices mixed with dance floor drum'n bass to create an original earth sound.
Charlie McMahon : Didgeridoo, Programming Eddy Duquemin : PercussionDjoili Liawonga : Vocals Tom Kelly : Vocals
2. Anyway I Tell Ya  07.33 minutes
 by Ganga Giri

Indigenous technorganica! Fast 150 beats/minute, a song that rocks clubs and dance parties with bush sounds of Australia.
Ganga Giri : Didgeridoo, Vocals, Percussion Don Peyote : Programming
3. Awowedas  06.38 minutes
 by Lost At Last, Holon Records

A traditional native American peyote chant arranged in a modern style with didgeridoo, trance drums, synthesizers.
Jaya Lakshmi : Vocals Om : Programming Deva Priyo : Electric Guitar AB : Didgeridoo
4. Night Owl  06.40 minutes
 by the capitali$ts

Fast and joyous 142 BPM trance dance featuring didgeridoo and hooting owl.
John Lloyd: Programming John Sweeting: Guitar Dr Didge: DidgeridooChristine Dubens: Vocals
5. Blue Labyrinth  03.49 minutes
 by Axis

With its spirited beat and beseeching didge horns, this song is a playful release of energy. A decisive, purposeful dance, out of the shade towards somewhere bright… the future perhaps!
Mike Edwards : Didgeridoo Michael Jackson : DidgeridooDavid Russell : Bass, Keyboards
6. Another Land  03.21 minutes
 by Sounds of the Outback

Didgeridoo dance-trance about Australia, an ancient land steeped in mythology and home to the world's older culture, it's ""Another Land"".
Gary Cannell : DidgeridooChris Cockburn: KeyboardPeter Chappel: Percussion
7. Thunder  03.51 minutes
 by Andy Graham

High-energy piece featuring the didgeridoo, drumkit and djembe, demonstrating the more masculine side of drumming.
Andy Graham : Didgeridoo, Drums, Djembe Drum, Percussion
8. Factory Farm  04.49 minutes
 by Didjworks, 4:52

Trip-Hop didgeridoo with urban beats, animal sounds, and environmental motives.
Simon 7 : Guitar, Didgeridoo Rob Cass : Programming Vagard : Programming
9. Kemetic Song  04.33 minutes
 by Hayan

Traditional African/Caribbean music with percussion, mouthbow and molimo (didgeridoo or 'bamboo')… Let us travel to Kmt (Ancient Egypt), the magic ground of the Pharaohs.
Malamine : Mouthbow Michel Ekwala : Didgeridoo Non Dja : Percussion
10. Entrance  07.42 minutes
 by Si

A double didgeridoo trance journey - inspiring an infinity of sounds.
Si : Didgeridoo Venus : Didgeridoo Greg Sheehan : Tapan Drum


Driving World-Beat Ethno-Fusion

Pumping rhythms of the wild... droning, eternal voices of an ancient futureà exotic nature sounds and rapid-fire percussion create an inter-dimensional journey into mindless spirit.

Earthy didgeridoo with Australian aboriginal voices blend with UK techno-shamanic, traditional Native American Peyote chant, NYC trip-hop and Afro-Caribbean tribal rhythms... all fused into a thrilling dance compilation.

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