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Don Campbell - The Harmony of Health

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In just five days, this book will guide you through five inspirational, musical, and visual selections that open the mind, body, and breath to a receptive and reflective state of awareness. Each day brings inner language and thoughts into focus, bringing you a sense of well-being and peace for the body and heart.

These simple techniques awaken the powerful potential of self-healing and harmony that are ever-present within the spirit and body.
The book is about the art of life, ever ready to enlighten and heal the world within and around us.

Size: 15 x 17 cm, Hardback 98 Pages, CD 32 Mins

Sound Relaxation for Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The inner universe offers each of us remarkable powers for improving our health, creativity, and focus.

Through the simultaneous power of music, images, and affirmation, a new world of balance, health, and harmony is ready to become a reality.


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