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Essence of Well-Being - Al Gromer Khan & Amelia Cuni, Kamal, Anuvida & Nik Tyndall - 3 CD Set

Product Code: CD1088
Price: £25.52

Track Listing

Disc: 1
1.0Monsoon Point   55.31 minutes

Disc: 2
1.0Spirit Gathering   07.51 minutes
2.0Water Healing   10.32 minutes
3.0Vision Of The Eagle   09.46 minutes
4.0Heart Initiation   09.33 minutes
5.0Snake Medicine   09.38 minutes
6.0Dreamcatcher   09.10 minutes
7.0Completion   03.32 minutes

Disc: 3
1.0Entering the Mystery   10.38 minutes
2.0Gently Floating   10.56 minutes
3.0Heart of Light   12.08 minutes
4.0Just Being   11.46 minutes
5.0Blissful Arrival   06.39 minutes

Wherever you go, you can take the spa experience with you with this essential collection of relaxation music. Treat yourself to three CDs of music from top artists at a special price.
Included in this set are:

Monsoon Point - Al Gromer Khan's atmospheric soundscapes are as stunning as they are unique. A jewel of the ambient genre. (Now available seperately)

Reiki Touch of Love - Anuvida & Tyndall's 'kiboe' harp, ethereal keyboards and sonic meanderings create an open space to relax into.

Shamanic Healing - Kamal creates wave-like melodies to take the listener into other-worldly realms. Native and Eastern instruments blend gracefully with keyboards to create intimate spaces alive with possibility.

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