Flute for the Soul - Ariel Kalma

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Track Listing

1.0Te Quiero Mucho   04.39 minutes
2.0Lost Paradise   05.12 minutes
3.0Free Birds, Empty Sky   04.42 minutes
4.0Flute for the Soul   04.28 minutes
5.0Dreaming on Red Square   04.54 minutes
6.0Minoa's dance   03.45 minutes
7.0Circles of Life   07.30 minutes
8.0Peaceful Ocean   07.26 minutes
9.0Echoes of the Mountains   01.59 minutes
10.0Tender Loving You   08.28 minutes

Total Time: 52.59


Recorders, flutes, keyboards and percussion.
Soulful melodies and rhythms take you on a enchanting journey around the world.

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