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Frank Perry - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Ancient Tibetan Initiation Bowls

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VULCAN is for Gongs, South American Indian Rainsticks, Maya Balls, a string of Indian crotal bells and only one single Tibetan Singing Bowl  (Aldebaran Bowl) played four different ways: - Struck with a leather mallet, Stroked with a leather wand - in order to produce the fundamental tone, Stroked with a wooden wand - to produce a Harmonic, and Bowed with Water inside. This ensures that the blending of all these several sounds is perfectly harmonious - the harmony being contained within the One Sound. 
Vulcan is a planet said to lie between Mercury and the Sun. The Tibetan D.K. through Alice Bailey stated that it was the Esoteric Ruler of Taurus - Aldebaran is a Fixed Star in the Constellation of Taurus the bull. Vulcan was first spotted late in the 19th century. A powerful and haunting piece. The somewhat intense middle section is offset with the Rainsticks, Rain Gong and Bells.

SUN is the longest track on the entire CD.  This track features an entire range of many different Singing Bowls and also Frank's powerful overtone singing. An improvised repeated sequence played on deep bowls is overlaid with another improvisation (recorded as a 'blind' over-dub) played on a larger selection of bowls and the overtone singing and, finally, numerous water bowls, as well as bowls ululated and simultaneously played as water bowls, were recorded and intended to be added in some future final mix - which (until now) only happened at home on my 4-track cassette recorder.
The Sun is the Centre of it all! The Sun is the Source of Light and reflects on this physical level of Life that Divine Light of the Supreme Being. The Sun is said to rule the Heart and the royal and kingly Sign of Leo. Within the spiritual heart of each one of us lies the Divine Child awaiting the Awakening Rays from the Spiritual Sun to bring it forth. Very powerful and deeply filling!   
URANUS features a range of explorations into the harmonics of a specially selected range of these amazing bowls - what we hear in the Silence! As well as ululation, some other special playing techniques are also used in this piece. Numerous innovative playing techniques had unfolded by the time I was recording but, although the overall ideas for this section were clear, there were questions regarding the final form that this track would take. Taking those ideas, I have now completely re-recorded this track whilst the final form suggested itself to me just prior to recording. 
Uranus is linked to Intuition and also known as The Awakener - it awakens us to Truth. It is also associated with the unexpected and the unusual. In esoteric astrology it is also referred to as the octave of the Sun and, therefore, by definition, connected with the Spiritual Sun. It is also linked to the Ray of Magic and to the Third Eye Centre.  Uranus is related to the Path of the Occultist.

NEPTUNE is another long track on the CD and is for Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Planicerv and Nectarine. Bowed Singing Bowls play the OM MANI PEME HUM repeated twice upon three bowls - above a drone played on the Aldebaran Bowl. Amongst the sounds featured in this piece are several Water Bowls and two Heart Chakra Bowls. A basic track, played on several stroked bowls, was intuitively put together using Frank's 'blind over-dub' technique (whereby each sound is produced whilst not hearing what had been played before) and, over and above this, an improvisation (again using 'blind over-dubbing') played on the Nectarine and the un-tuned Planicerv. The Planicerv plays the 'music of the spheres' taken from the chart of the last Uranus/Neptune Conjunction '93) and the Seventh Harmonic of this chart - for more on my use of astro - numerology in my work click here and read the Appendix.                       
The piece is in two halves with the first comprising Tibetan Singing Bowls and the latter half (stroked) Tibetan Hand Bells (Drilbu). Beneath the Hand bells is played a giant melody played from a set of 18 Tibetan Yang Bowls. This melody is taken from a painting of Mount Kanchenjunga by Nicholas Roerich. The various 'peaks' of the mountain provide the several notes of the melody whilst their relative height and distance provides guidelines for their musical pitch and the timing of the notes respectively. Basically, the slow melody is in waltz time and played but once.              
Neptune is the most mystical of all the planets. It is connected with the Higher Psychic faculties and rules over the base of the brain centre. By this rulership, it is also associated with the mysteries of the inaudible sound of the Nada Yogis. The nature of this planet is to dissolve and, therefore, it is most nebulous.  Neptune is associated with the Path of the Mystic.
This piece resembles Track 2 of Deep Peace' - which was subtitled "The Neptunian Music of Thought". Very dreamy and yet full of intriguing details for the attentive listener.  The first and last sound is the drone upon the Aldebaran Bowl. The music is in layers that also interact with one another. The basic track was played intuitively whilst the Planicerv are worked out - and yet interestingly, they fit perfectly with the irrational patterns.   These several layers of interdependent musical activity can be seen to represent the foreground, middle ground and far distance in a painting of mountains. 

We can imagine glimpsing a golden peak through the floating mists as well as picturing the constellations of stars forming the outline of a mountain peak floating in space.
PLUTO this features Frank as a one-man overtone choir! These two pieces were originally recorded in the very early 1990s as part of a total piece for the Jade Isle label. This was a special release called Discovering Atlantis comprising a spoken visualisation, special candle holder and specially selected aromas for a multi-sensorial experience released on the Jade Isle label set up by the late Tony Duhig. This is followed by swung gongs overlaid with swung Drilbu (Tibetan hand bells) all played separately by Frank with no reference to one another.
Pluto carries the energy of regeneration and renewal. Here we see an immediate association with that most spiritual of experiences: the 'Second Birth'-  the age-old process of Initiation. Invariably, this means initiation into a community even if this experience is between the individual and an invisible spiritual community of initiated beings, rather than amongst fellow members of a human community constituting a kind of 'spiritual family'. A short end-piece opening us up towards a Greater Whole.
Each piece is a journey in itself - deep inner journeys wherein these sacred sounds transport us into other realms far away from the cares of this materialistic society where we can be inspired with the energies from this ancient City of Light - Belovodye / Shambhala. 

Volume Three in the Series "Tibetan Singing Bowls" and it is also Volume Two of Frank's "Planets Suite" featuring music inspired by the planets Vulcan, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Sun even though, strictly speaking, the Sun isn't a planet.  
Belovodye (bEll-oh-vod-yer) means Land of White Waters. This is the Russian Legend of Shambhala. The five tracks are as five planets orbiting a central Sun. Ancient sacred Singing Bowls weave a magnificent journey to this Sacred Spiritual Centre - Shambhala. The sound of each Singing Bowl carries within itself the Sacred Sound of OM whilst it is also believed that these instruments carry the Teaching from Shambhala. Frank began incorporating sacred Tibetan ritual instruments into his music in 1973 and, so, with his many years of experience and unique sensitivity towards the spiritual energies contained within his premier collection guarantees a profoundly spiritual sonic experience. 
1)    The Light Shining Through Aldebaran                             Vulcan                       6:10
2)    Awakens the Five Treasures of Mount Kanchenjunga      Sun                          33:52
3)    Within the Space of Silence                                             Uranus                        13:04
4)    The Chintamani Stone is Found                                     Neptune                       17:38
5)    Singing the Praises of the Blessed One Within All         Pluto                           8:16                                                                                
                                                                                                         Total Time       79:00

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