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Frank Perry - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Path to Shambhala

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There is also a connection between the traditions of Japanese Zen, the Chinese Ch'an, and the Tibetan Dzogchen. Each concerns itself with a more spontaneous path towards enlightenment.

Early Chinese Zen, so close in spirit to the Taoism of Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu, was more spontaneous then than Zen now. Emptying oneself, through the simple discipline of becoming serenely still and quiet within, allows one's true nature to manifest. In a similar way, the Zen artist places both skill and instrument at the disposal of the Way of nature being moved by that same force which shapes the clouds or ripples in the stream.

The Way of Sound likewise involves allowing oneself to be moved by the energies living within sound. The refined sounds of these ancient and sacred Tibetan singing bowls can certainly move one into sound spaces of pure being.

With Volume 2: PATH TO SHAMBHALA comes a CD exploring a far broader palette featuring a huge range of all the possible sounds from the whole spectrum of different Tibetan Singing Bowls.

 More dynamic by contrast, this CD is accordingly full of majestic, inspiring compositions, which evoke a sense of unity with the Omniverse. Listening to this pure acoustic recording of the bells and gongs – creates an authentic mystical experience from great antiquity. We believe it destined to become a truly classic album alongside DEEP PEACE. Words really fail us as the sounds speak of ancient and deep spiritual experiences far beyond the realm of words. A mammoth achievement!

Whilst Ten Bulls (track 1) is comprised of 10 sections, yet the music plays continuously as one track moving through a huge range of playing techniques and contrasting sounds - including Tibetan Bells and Gongs, derived from these magical instruments of great antiquity, mirroring the movement through this allegorical Zen story concerning the Path to Enlightenment in 10 stages. This arose from film-maker Kim Bour attending some sound healing sessions with me. Subsequent to this she felt inspired to create a film that would include some of her inner experiences during the sound healing sessions. She visited me and felt she needed a 'story' to hang the film on and I suggested Ten Bulls - I read her my old copy from the mid 1960s and we went ahead. She wanted me to create the sound track before any filming was done - and so I did supplying her with notes explaining how the sounds translated the several stages of the spiritual path as outlined in this story. The finished film (winner of the Best Experimental Film Da Vinci Film Festival 2006) is now available on DVD.

Track 1: TEN BULLS.   My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem .

The second, and longer piece – OLMO LUNG RING ‘Silver Palace of the Garuda Valley’ (51:05) – is in 7 sections (upon 6 tracks) and is patterned upon this legendary spiritual centre in the remote Garuda valley of the Bon (pre-Buddhist) faith and is something of a ‘shamanic journey’ through sound to this ancient abode of adepts – Sh’ang Sh’ung, Shambhala, or Shangri-La. 

 In his own unique way, Frank pioneers extremely rich, varied, and intensely subtle textures in this piece – many totally new and never-before-heard textures from the pure acoustics of this remarkable collection featuring a large variety of rare Tibetan Singing Bowls. This longer piece is less condensed than the first track. No electronics are used in any part of this CD! Because many of Frank's bowls have been designed to create a certain acoustic sound in order to awaken a specific psycho-spiritual effect within the listener, electronics would here be an intrusion.

BEGINNING WITH A TRACK depicting this ancient abode of enlightened ones seemingly floating on the horizon, we move into a longer track featuring very deep bowls with the very dramatic sounds of special water bowls suggesting a vision of these adepts of fiery light floating within this City of Light. Then something of a 'breather' courtesy of a kind of 'music of the spheres' for a set of bowed Tibetan singing bowls - stately, slow, and very spacious. This is followed by a long track largely consisting of Tibetan Bells (Drilbu) joined by an ever-changing combination of other instruments creating an ever-shifting pattern of sky sounds. Then very exotic sounds again - this time featuring special water gong bowls and ululation bowl. Then, finally, we begin by exploring in several ways the incredible psycho-acoustic resonance of these bowls followed by a section imitating English 'change-ringing' on a peal of 8 yang bowls and this is followed by a sequence of descending small yang bowls which then fade into the final closing section for a huge combination of 8 swung Paiste Tuned Gongs - spread over 3 octaves, 3 Kyeezees (Burmese meditation Gongs), 7 Tibetan hand bells, and numerous types of Tibetan Bowls selected from Frank’s collection of 175 bell-bowls.  
This is a deeply powerful composition featuring the unique harmonic resonances of these ancient Singing Bowls with Frank’s deep understanding of musical Form and his uniquely gifted sensitivity towards their sound-potency. As is usually the case with Frank’s music, the listener is taken on a deep inward journey into the sacred mysteries of Sound.

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