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Frank Perry - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Way of the Bowls

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#4    Christmas Blessing from the Master of the Star brotherhood.        (30-3-2007)   (22:40) 

A choir of some 12 Jump bowls begin this piece and then a slow gong crescendo  - rising and falling - leaving the choir of Jump bowls alone with bowed water bowls superimposed above this fading aleatoric passage. A short period played on a harmonic choir of bowls leads to a section featuring Yang bowls and Ting-shag (Tibetan invocation/meditation cymbals) and ending with a section on five medium-sized singing bowls to which an ever-growing number of Yin bowls are added.

 #5    Processional of the Ancient Sages.       (2-3-2006)   (4:41)

Another appearance of a choir of Jump bowls this time punctuated with Ting-shag followed by a rhythmical section played upon a set of Tuned Symphonic gongs with a slow crescendo and decrescendo with the tolling of an antique Chinese horizontal gong beneath and closing with water bowls over it all.

 #6    Transforming Power of the Light in the Heart.        (30-3-2007)   (26:47)

Another long piece this time opening with a set of bowls that play well together (like notes around a floating chord) and then higher bowls being stoked enter leading to a section of stroked bowls with bowed bowls over. This is followed by a section on bowls featuring high harmonic overtones stroked gongs then appear hovering over a drilbu choir. This is followed by pulsing bowls then the PAISTE Sun Gong leads us into a rich aleatoric section with water bowl choir and rain-sticks with bowed PAISTE Tuned Discs over the top.

#1    On Wings of Beauty.       (30-3-2007)   (11:12)

This is something of a communion with the Air spirits. Featuring Drilbu (Tibetan Buddhist hand bells) stroked and swung. A lively water bowl joins at the opening and then a slow gong crescendo with some struck gongs and then Jump bowls appear with some low bowls under and then a choir of ululated bowls at the end.

 #2    The Way of Beauty.        (31-3-2007)   (10:06)

An ululated bowl opens this piece leading to a section of low bowls played slowly punctuated with more appearances of ululated bowls leading to a rain gong and then a swirling passage played on gongs and cymbals ending with a chord on Petalumines (invented by Frank).

 #3    Sacred Mount Kailas.        (30-3-2007)   (2:54)

This short piece begins with the sound of a pair of Conch Shell trumpets (hand-made by myself). Throughout the duration of this short piece a choir of Drilbu sound - being stroked - whilst emerging from out of this sea of sound arise majestic gongs representative of the Sacred Mount Kailas. 

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