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Frank Perry - Tibetan Singing Bowls - The Healing Bowls of Tibet

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THE WAY OF THE BOWLS (44 mins) which begins with the beautiful-sounding 12th century Tibetan Heart Chakra bowl which leads us out into an expansive section for stroked bowls leading to a mystical climax of water bowls with bowed Ting-shag over. The entire piece consists of around 45 minutes of unique Tibetan Singing Bowl music utilising many playing techniques and sound-textures found within Frank's rare collection of over 150 of these ancient, sacred instruments and closing with the beautiful 'overtone' choir.

The composition takes the form of a walk around the garden of the bowls with a motif representing the pathway repeated between each section starting with a section for stroked bowls, followed by a family of Yang bowls, then we meet a choir of stroked Yang bowls, leading to a group of struck Yin bowls and ending with the overtone choir with small Yang bowls. With such a long track of bowls played with great sensitivity, we are encouraged to enter more fully into the magical realm of the Singing Bowls. This track is very ennobling and also aura strengthening. Something of a favourite with therapists who use it to accompany their healing work.

In addition to these two tracks featured on the cassette release, this CD includes the new piece WITHIN THE PETALS OF THE ROSE a further 21 minutes of Tibetan Bowl music only this time focusing upon the Healing side of their uniquely potent sounds.

Two very deep, powerful bowls play continuously throughout the entire piece with their first 7 minutes being accompanied by two Solar Plexus bowls, whilst the following 7 minutes features the rich and warm-sounding Heart Chakra bowls and ending with Throat Chakra bowls for the last seven minutes. Over and above all of this is a spacey and gentle improvisation upon selected bowls. This track is an excellent follow-up after a sound healing session; otherwise its deep and slow tones are very helpful for deep relaxation or stress relief. With the focus upon the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras it provides an excellent all-round resonant healing field. Frank has been researching sound therapy since 1968 whilst he has developed his own unique form of sound healing using the Singing Bowls of Tibet since 1994. Therapists also enjoy working alongside the sounds on this track.

TREASURE OF THE MOUNTAIN (8 mins) – An invocation to the beings of sound to join us, the title for this piece is taken from the painting of the same name by Professor Nicholas Roerich (see below) and is envisaged as a representation in sound of the journey taken by the eye as it encounters this beautiful painting depicting the Mahatmas in their mountain retreat engulfed in the golden flames of pure fire from the sacred Chalice of the Heart - portrayed through sound using some huge gongs, Tibetan Ting-shag (small cymbals) and mostly through the wonderfully magical sounds of the Singing Bowls.

Although a comparatively short piece, we are quickly transported into the magical realm of the singing bowls where time is transcended and we begin to catch a glimpse of the Voice of the Silence. 


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