Gabrielle Roth - Endless Wave Vol 2

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Track Listing

1. Wave III: Flowing  05.23 minutes
2. Staccato  04.18 minutes
3. Chaos  05.44 minutes
4. Lyrical  05.45 minutes
5. Stillness  06.34 minutes
6. Wave IV: Flowing  05.34 minutes
7. Staccato  05.08 minutes
8. Chaos  05.08 minutes
9. Lyrical  05.08 minutes
10. Stillness  07.16 minutes


Get ready for the next Wave, a high energy dance/music experience that frees your body so your mind will follow!

The Wave is a moving meditation developed by Gabrielle Roth based on the five universal rhythms that flow through our lives: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness.

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