Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Still Chillin'

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Track Listing

1.0Descending   04.43 minutes
2.0Shavasana   08.50 minutes
3.0Stefania Song   06.43 minutes
4.0Still Chillin'   29.34 minutes

Total Time 49:02 Mins


Gentle grooves and a deep, sensuous ambience, these four tracks are like listening to a zen garden, as each blends the timeless spirituality of pure space with the modern innovation of contemporary rhythm culture.

On their 19th release, Gabrielle Roth + The Mirrors create a transcendent listening experience steeped in today's chill scene by focusing on the most laid back of Roth's 5 Rhythmsâ„¢; it's the consummate blending of age-old (chant, wordless vocables, tribal percussion) and new-millennium electronic techniques (cutting edge synth, samples, loops).

The appeal of these seductive, soul-stimulating rhythms is as enigmatic as it is real.

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