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Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors - Tribe

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Track Listing

Tsunami 27.11:

1. Flowing  05.24 minutes
2. Staccato  04.16 minutes
3. Chaos  05.43 minutes
4. Lyrical  05.43 minutes
5. Stillness  06.08 minutes

Talking Sticks: 14.18

6. David and Bob  01.17 minutes
7. Bob M  02.14 minutes
8. Rocky  02.14 minutes
9. Benny K  02.14 minutes
10. Joey B  02.14 minutes
11. Sanga  02.14 minutes
12. Cyro  02.04 minutes

The first track, "Tsunami," features Gabrielle's renowned system of the 5 Rhythms woven together over a 27-minute extended dance music foundation, enabling the listener for the first time ever to move smoothly through each energetic experience without interruption.

The second track, "Talking Sticks," features a 14-minute grounding rhythm with seven different drummers soloing for two minutes each on their favorite percussion instruments.

Both tracks feature the amazing vocal gymnastics of Mindy Jostyn and Catherine Russell; the combination of high energy drums and female singing is incredible!

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