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Gentle Heart - Peter Govan

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Track Listing

1.0Don't go back to Sleep   06.54 minutes
2.0Blue   04.10 minutes
3.0Overtone flight   09.12 minutes
4.0Natavara   07.10 minutes
5.0Sunrise   03.40 minutes
6.0Aolian Song   02.38 minutes
7.0Gayatri Mantra   04.38 minutes
8.0Singing Tibetan Bells   07.14 minutes
9.0Surrender   06.38 minutes
10.0Starling   02.52 minutes

Gentle Heart is Peter Govan's second Melodic Overtone Singing solo album. Weaving the influences of many countries, Gentle Heart softly blends overtones with Indian harmonium, sacred chants, mantras, Tibetan singing bells and Peter's own 4 part harmony compositions for voice. The seemingly endless reverberations and gliding voices are like birds in flight carrying the listener to a place of peaceful rest.

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