Glen Velez - Rhythms of the Chakras Vol 2

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Track Listing

1. Rise of the Phoenix  7.14

2. Narwhals' Chant  7.08

3. Golden Owl  7.06

4. Emerald Ocean  7.06

5. Vox Magica  7.02

6. Oracle of Athena  7.01

7. Seven Petals  7.29


Total Time:  50.11


Heal and balance your body’s energy centres with Rhythms of the Chakras Volume 2, by world-class percussionist and sound healer Glen Velez. Here is a fresh new blend of rhythms, movements, and vocalizations fine-tuned to lead you into the dynamic energy of your chakras. Seven years in the making, this sequel to the bestselling Rhythms of the Chakras draws on drumming techniques from South India, Asia, Egypt, and elsewhere to add new depths and complexity to Velez’ extraordinary music for mental and somatic toning. Instruments include North African tar drum, Arabic tar, Egyptian tambourine, Azerbajani frame drum, surdo, caxixi, and waterphone.

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