Global - Gig-Na-Gig

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Track Listing

1. Weaving Darkness  09.06 minutes
2. Didge-na-Gig  07.21 minutes
3. These Feet Walking  07.57 minutes
4. Isle of Mystery  07.39 minutes
5. Tuatha-na-Gig  09.19 minutes
6. Pass the Pulse  06.07 minutes
7. The Universe is Rushing By  07.14 minutes
8. Small Stone  06.13 minutes
9. The Universe (Pulse Mix)  07.15 minutes


Gig-na-gig celebrates the dance of life, drawing on the deep tribal pulse of this land and a wild web of rhythms.
Tracks include Tuatha-na-gig, Pass the Pulse, Small Stone and Isle of Mystery.
Instruments include sampled and synthesised keyboards, loops, vocals, flute, guitar, didgeridoo, acoustic drums and percussion.

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