Groove Magic - Music Mosaic Collection

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Track Listing

1. I've been so free by Goldernberg & Schmuyle,  05.00 minutes
2. Medicine trance by Professor Trance  06.59 minutes
3. Arizona dreams by Gregor Theelen  05.40 minutes
4. Spring dance by Ariel Kalma  06.06 minutes
5. Summer solstice by Phil Thornton  04.13 minutes
6. Sassi by Didier Malherbe / Loy Ehrilich  05.23 minutes
7. Hadouk by Ravi  04.46 minutes
8. Carry me by Ross Griggs  05.47 minutes
9. Dawn call by Keiya  04.56 minutes
10. The mandala trail  06.03 minutes

Chillout, Ethno-fusion.

Chilled multicultural drum grooves, driving bass lines, exotic voices, soaring guitar, flowing flutes and velvety sax... let the rhythms of a mysterious journey transport you to another realm where past and future magically merge into a timeless moment of wonder.

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