Groove Temple - Music Mosaic Collection

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Track Listing

1. Terra Australis by Yantra de Vilder / Zia Moreau  06.21 minutes
2. Kikuyu by Nathalie Manser  06.03 minutes
3. Radhe by Lost at Last  07.35 minutes
4. Bhaarat by Solace  06.07 minutes
5. March Across the Endless Plain (Gandalf) by Cecil Harding  05.02 minutes
6. Inner Horizon by Ariel Kalma  05.02 minutes
7. Rhythm and Soul  04.39 minutes
8. Punjab by Karunesh  06.46 minutes
9. Reves Indiens by Loy Ehrlich  07.11 minutes

Sensual East-West Worldbeat Fusion.

Pulsing world beats interweave with spacious melodies for a cool sacred journey into the global temple of music. Hypnotic sounds of exotic instruments (sarod, dumbeck, hajouj, tablas) and enticing voices emanate from India, Australasia, Central Europe and the African savannah.

Spiked with electric accents (keyboard, cello, guitar, synthesizer, drums, bass) and full of mystical verve, this sound-ceremony will ignite your Spirit!

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