Guided Massage for Everyone - Susan Lembo

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Track Listing

1. Overview, Inc -Benefits,Setting Up Your Work Area, Ethics and Boundaries  14.46 minutes
2. Guided Massage Sequence  57.58 minutes 

Step-by-step audio instructions that will enable anyone to give a relaxing full body massage.

Written and produced by Susan Lembo, Native American flute by Jim Beer.

The 72 minute CD is divided into two sections:

Section 1 - Overview and directions for using the CD, information about the benefits of Massage, contraindications, instructions for setting up your work area, ethics and boundaries, and more.

Section 2 - The 57-minute Guided Massage Sequence which guides you through every step of a full body Massage. The gentle sounds of Native American Flute by Jim Beer sing beneath the soothing voice of Valerie Kooyker. Photographs in the liner notes show the correct position for your hands during the Guided Massage Sequence.

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