GuruGanesha Singh & Snatam Kaur - Joy is Now

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Track Listing

1. Peace Has Begun 9.21 
2. Hari Om 11.21 
3. Joy is Now 9.22 
4. Aad Sach 9.54 
5. Sat Narayan 8.51 
6. Guru Ram Das Love Song 9.11


Dynamic and joyful innovations demonstrating the infintely divine nature of musical possibilities.

Joy is Now features compelling duets and kirtan call-response between GuruGanesha and Snatam Kaur, whose unforgettable voices create a counterpoint of masculine and feminine, strength and sweetness, earth and ether.

GuruGanesha's signature guitar work enters new raag/jazz influenced realms in a sparkling conversation with a diverse ensemble of classical Indian insruments including sitar, sarod, esraj, flute and Indian violin.

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