Healing the Heart - Sina Vodjani

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Track Listing

1. Request to My Root Lama Lobsang Jampa Khedrup  06.02 minutes
2. Praise to Tara in 21 Homages, Mantra and Praises  05.23 minutes
3. Prayer und Mantras of the Three Long Life Deities  04.32 minutes
4. Tea Offering Prayers  02.30 minutes
5. Heartsytra  08.17 minutes
6. Offering One's Virtues  02.40 minutes
7. Inviting Padmasambhava, Mantra and Request to Him  04.57 minutes
8. Request to Tsongkhapa  05.12 minutes
9. Blessing of the Ground  04.54 minutes
10. Prayer for the Practice of Lamrim  06.39 minutes
11. Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels  02.32 minutes
12. Prayer to Be Able to Complete One's Practice  05.34 minutes
13. Dedication  04.03 minutes
14. Prayer for the Long Life of H.H. the Dalai Lama  04.35 minutes
15. Request and Prayer to Avalokitesvara  06.04 minutes 

Tibetan Prayer performed by Geshe Thubten Ngawang, with Dipak Sharma on flute and Sina Vodjani on production and other instruments.

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