Hollie Smith - Light from a Distant Shore

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Track Listing

1. Gone
2. Lover's Tale
3. Fields of Athenry
4. World I Know
5. In Your Arms
6. Light from a Distant Shore
7. Eriskay Love Lilt
8. Rowan Tree
9. Fallen Flowers
10. Dream
11. Skye Boat Song
12. Amazing Grace

Although pop music prodigies are not common, and often one can already hear the death knells ringing under the sounds of a 16-year-old artist's debut record, sometimes musical genius arrives in young packages. New Zealander Hollie Smith is arguably one of those artistic lightning strikes. She made her recording debut in 1999, at 16 years old, with the Celtic music record Light from a Distant Shore.

This album is a powerful mix of new and traditional songs about love, life, happiness and sorrows. The soaring melodies and lush instrumentation combined with Hollie's uniquely haunting vocals leaves the listener eager for more!

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