Homage to Hathor - Ani Williams

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Track Listing

1.0House of Horus   05.23 minutes
2.0Mari   03.41 minutes
3.0Sa Ra   04.06 minutes
4.0Invocation to Hathor   08.11 minutes
5.0Hu Ra Eli   03.50 minutes
6.0Gossamer Sky   05.34 minutes
7.0Fields of Light   05.04 minutes
8.0Iahu   02.38 minutes
9.0Abyddos   08.54 minutes
10.0The Osirian   01.34 minutes
11.0Sarasvati's Call   03.02 minutes


Egyptian temple music, featuring musical scales based on the geometry of Egypt's sacred architecture. With harp, enchanting vocals, violin, Egyptian scale flutes and gong, one is transported to the elevation of humanity reached by Egypt's legacy of spiritual alchemy.

The pure harmonic resonance of Ani's harp and voice transports the listener directly to the sacred space within... remembering a time shared in the ancient temples and promising a return to a world resplendent with the eternal music of the heart.

Many of the compositions capture the power of consciousness attained in the great eras of Egyptian culture. The musical scales of the songs are based on the sacred proportions of the actual Egyptian temple architecture, the result of years of on-site research.

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