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I Want Burning - The Ecstatic World of Rumi, Hafiz & Lalla - Coleman Barks

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Track Listing

1. Introduction about Dervish community  01.20 minutes
2. This We Have Now  04.50 minutes
3. Moses and the Shepherd  06.09 minutes
4. Selected Rumi quatrains  05.55 minutes
5. Like This  04.15 minutes
6. A Hat to Wear in Both Worlds  02.46 minutes
7. A Bowl  02.36 minutes
8. Selected Rumi quatrains  06.04 minutes
9. The New Rule  02.03 minutes
10. Who Says Words With My Mouth?  02.23 minutes
11. Hafiz Poems  07.00 minutes
12. Selected Rumi Quatrains   03.13 minutes
13. I Have Lived on the Lip of Instanity  00.33 minutes
14. Say I Am You  03.26 minutes
15. Lalla Poems  13.25 minutes
16. Hafiz Poems, ""A Wild Daughter Has Been Lost""  03.03 minutes
17. There Is Some Kiss We Want  03.22 minutes


To fully experience the ecstatic poetry of the Middle and Near East, you must hear it as originally intended: stirred ablaze by inspired music and rhythms before a live audience. With I Want Burning, the brilliant translator Coleman Barks and his friends invite you to join them in an evening of celebration featuring three literary legends of the 13th and 14th centuries:
Jelaluddin Rumi - the Sufi poet who has ignited the hearts of generations with his wildly insightful poetry
Hafiz - the most popular poet in the Persian world, Hafiz continues to marvel audiences with his unparalleled illuminations on love in all its guises
Lalla - the astonishing, little-known Kashmiri poet who sang and danced her verses with such passion that she was known to tear her garments off in a frenzy of ecstasy.
If you have never heard a live performance with Coleman Barks and friends, I Want Burning will be a revelation in the ecstatic spiritual poetry of Rumi and his contemporaries. Accompanied by vocals, pan flute, harmonium, bells, and hand drums.


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