In Search of a Simple Life - Mark Robson

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Track Listing

1.0The enchanted place   09.15 minutes
2.0The philosopher's stone   04.39 minutes
3.0Taimse I M'choldladh / The geese in the bog   05.58 minutes
4.0Fluoro buffalo   07.52 minutes
5.0Elenor plunkett   04.31 minutes
6.0Water tank   01.54 minutes
7.0Hewlett   03.40 minutes
8.0A simple life   04.34 minutes
9.0Sally gardens   03.34 minutes
10.0The roaring forties   02.02 minutes
11.0Small gods   02.09 minutes
12.0Dear Irish boy / Duke Gordon's reel   07.19 minutes
13.0Mother   04.43 minutes


Another earlier release from Mark Robson of Kangaroo Moon which celebrates the gift of life in a gentle less dance orientated mode, fine compositions, ably augmented with many a plantive aire.

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