In Transit - Kangaroo Moon

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Track Listing

1.0Mark's Jigs   08.11 minutes
       a. Woodford Way
       b. Jack Finnegan's Gig
       c. Sligo Maid
       d. Ruth's Youth
2.0Breath   05.23 minutes
3.0Eric's Favourite Fish   05.55 minutes
4.0Dave's Jigs   08.40 minutes
       a.On Being Felix
       b.Planxty God
       c.The Spinning Top
       e.Heaven Eleven
5.0Home   03.00 minutes
6.0Chris's Paice / Fear   06.26 minutes
7.0Gollan / In Transit / Tunes   15.28 minutes
       i. Away to England
       ii. Coates Hall
       iii. Rakish Paddy
8.0Cheeses Of Nazareth / Listen To The Voice   09.52 minutes


Kangaroo Moon weave many strands from world, rock, folk and dance, with acoustic and electronic influences into a funky, psychedelic, heart-lifting wall of sound. Trancy, richly melodic and dancey, listeners experience a sound which unites the body and soul in deep, joyful psychedelia and elemental dance.

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