In Wonder - Music from the World of Osho

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Track Listing

1. The Empty Heart  03.16 minutes
2. Never Born, Never Died  03.32 minutes
3. In Wonder  06.26 minutes
4. Moonlit Plum Tree  02.51 minutes
5. Meera's Dance  04.28 minutes
6. Entering the Mystery  03.15 minutes
7. If You Don't Fight With Life  05.37 minutes
8. The Narrow Road to the Deep North  05.28 minutes
9. Wild Birds  03.20 minutes
10. Cloud Over Lotus  06.47 minutes
11. In the Light  07.53 minutes
12. Heart Like The Sun  04.35 minutes



This album combines mystical love songs and instrumental Zen haikus. 28 Musicians from 11 countries contributed to the music, which is heart opening and meditative, with a fresh breeze of Osho's global vision. The instrumental titles were recorded live in the presence of the contemporart mystic Osho in India.

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