Incense & Incense Rituals - Thomas Kinkele

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Healing Ceremonies for Spaces of Subtle Energy.
The practice of burning incense can be traced back through every culture of humankind on earth. Fragrance is a subtle force which influences all centres of perception and creates a connection to the subtle levels, consequently carrying whatever concerns us into higher dimensions from where support and fulfillment come.
Thomas Kinkele offers a concise and many faceted guide to the world of incense burning rituals, as well as descriptions of the 81 incense substances at it's core.

Just as there are heavenly messengers who send their vibrations to earth, plants also send their fragrant messages from the kingdom of nature into higher realms. Each description of an individual plant also includes a depiction of it's frgrance message and practical advice for burning it as incense.

Size: 17 x 23 cm, Paperback 160 Pages

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