Jonathan & Andi Goldman - Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer

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Track Listing

1.0The Crown Center   04.00 minutes
2.0The Third Eye   04.09 minutes
3.0The Throat Center   03.55 minutes
4.0The Heart Center   04.07 minutes
5.0The Navel Center   03.43 minutes
6.0The Sacral Center   04.24 minutes
7.0The Root Center   06.50 minutes
8.0The Sacral Center   04.24 minutes
9.0The Navel Center   03.44 minutes
10.0The Heart Center   04.08 minutes
11.0The Throat Center   03.56 minutes
12.0The Third Eye   04.09 minutes
13.0The Crown Center   04.00 minutes

Total Time: 55:43

This revolutionary recording represents a new musical first sound that simultaneously

Balances the chakras and brainwaves!

Utilizing Synchro-Sound, the most advanced sonic technology developed by world-renowned Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman and Andi, his psychotherapist wife, this recording features sacred sounds and sonic frequencies that work on both the body and its energy system!

This CD balances and aligns both brainwaves and chakras at the same time creating an incredible harmonious listening experience.

CHAKRA/BRAINWAVE HARMONIZER may be the most transformational sound experience you have ever heard.

Great by itself. Even better with headphones!

Includes: Chakra Tones, Sacred Vowel Sounds, Bija Mantras, Pythagorean Tuning Fork, Sonic Entrainment Frequencies, and much more.

With extensive liner notes on the creation and uses of this astounding recording.

Formerly released as Tantra of Sound Harmonizer.

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