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Kailash Kokopelli - Ursa - Inner World Music & Shamanic Soundscapes

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Track Listing

1. Alba  03.35 minutes
2. Ara  00.51 minutes
3. Ati  03.27 minutes
4. Oso  00.57 minutes
5. Alva  13.29 minutes
6. Uva  04.19 minutes
7. Ulva  01.08 minutes
8. Kavoma  14.44 minutes
9. Ursa  03.55 minutes
10. Makowa  03.04 minutes
11. Mato  07.03 minutes
12. Tana  01.30 minutes
13. Anu  05.32 minutes
14. Inana  01.19 minutes
15. Mana  03.21 minutes
16. Ota  03.23 minutes
17. Tara  01.03 minutes

Total Time 72.51

Shamanic soundscapes of the Didgeridoo, Native American Flutes, Fujara, Medicine Drums, Spiritchants, Crystal Singing Bowls, Harmonic Whirlies, Rattles, Bones and Stones take you on a magical trip into the depth of being.

URSA is dedicated to the ancient mother Bear.

Bear carries the medicine of inner vision- the key to healing and wisdom.

This INNER WORLD MUSIC is soulful medicine and a bridge to introspection.

A healing journey to the source within the heart cave.

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