Kandisa - Indian Ocean

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Track Listing

1. Kya Maloom  06.01 minutes
2. Maa Rewa  06.38 minutes
3. Hil  06.49 minutes
4. Hille Le  05.15 minutes
5. Khajuraho  08.27 minutes
6. Kaun  10.03 minutes
7. Kandisa  07.40 minutes

This album features excellent vocals by Asheem Chakravarty(Tabla), Amit Kilam(Drums) and Rahul Ram (bass guitar). They share vocals nicely and have added excellent classical touches to their singing. The guitars and percussion have been blended superbly. The band on the whole is technically sound. Every song is exquisite and well thought off. The lyrics vary from being in Hindi to Kashmiri and other traditional languages. The lyrics are aptly used, add a melodic touch and make for nice listening. The best songs according to me are Kaun, Kandisa, Leaving Home, Ma Rewa (actually all of them are great numbers). The music has enthralled audiences all over India and the fame of Indian Ocean has spread ever since their formation in 1990. If you like music in general, then this album is for you. If you are even remotely classically oriented or lean towards hindi music, then I wonder why you haven't bought this album already. This is a collectors item.

A perfect example of pure fusion, Indian Ocean's distinctive musical talent is well captured in this Times music album.

The title track "Kandisa", "Maa Rewa", "Kaun" and more are not meant to be missed.

Earthy - Fluent - Free Music by Indian Ocean.

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