Karunesh - Enlightenment: A Sacred Collection

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Track Listing

1. Calling Wisdom from Zen Breakfast 5.33
2. Flowing Bamboo from Joy of Life 6.08
3. For the Joy of It All from Call of the Mystic 6.29
4. Longing for the Unknown from Joy of Life 7.21
5. Moon Temple from Zen Breakfast 5.49
6. Keeper of Mystery from Nirvana Cafe 5.37
7. Sunrise at the Ganges from Call of the Mystics 5.59
8. Morning Celebration from Joy of Life 5.11
9. Returning to Now from Zen Breakfast 4.51
10. The Peace Within from Nirvana Cafe 5.23
11. Ancient Voices from Call of the Mystic 5.21

This collection of Karunesh favourites is the perfect music to set the tone and enhance your own sacred collection time. Whether that be the doing of, as in yoga, or the receiving of, as in massage, blissful is how you will feel.

An exotic and often trancelike blend of sitar, guitar, keyboard, bansuri, oud, sarod, Indian violin, flute and soft vocals for invoking the sacred.

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