Karunesh - Zen Breakfast

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Track Listing

1. Moon Temple  05.49 minutes
2. Calling Wisdom  05.33 minutes
3. Breathing Silence  07.13 minutes
4. Remembering to Forget  06.03 minutes
5. Zen Breakfast  05.57 minutes
6. Flowing With the Tea  05.13 minutes
7. Layers of Tranquility  07.07 minutes
8. Returning to Now  04.51 minutes
9. Way of the Winding Valley  05.45 minutes
10. Tao and Zen  03.08 minutes


Weaving exotic voices and cross-cultural elements through his sparkling tapestry, Karunesh finds that perfect balance point where classical, world and healing music join, carefully coaxing loveÆs caress from every note.

Zen Breakfast is sacred music from far-off visionary places that touch the heart ever so close to home.
A classic Yoga album.

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