Kerala Dream - Shaman's Dream

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Track Listing

1.0Invocation to Water   11.20 minutes
2.0Jai Hanuman   11.55 minutes
3.0Durga Shakti   09.09 minutes
4.0Kerala Dream   11.54 minutes
5.0Guru Brahma   08.43 minutes
6.0Shiva's Flute   06.35 minutes
7.0Samadhi   10.59 minutes

Total Time: 70.35


The music of Shaman's Dream has become the soundtrack of L.A.'s exploding yoga scene for almost a decade, heard in studios and homes across the country. Seeking the perfect sound for her new DVD series Yoga Shakti, world-renowned teacher Shiva Rea invited friends Craig Kohland and Rara Avis to accompany her across the globe, to blend the spiritual traditions of India with down-tempo urban beats in a visionary offering of rhythm and sacred sound. Building on the momentum of Shaman's Dream's four previous albums, Kerala Dream infuses Indian antiquity with introspective ambient textures ideal for yoga, dance, meditation, healing arts, and more.

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