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Kirtana - This Embrace

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Track Listing

1. Be Free  04.19 minutes
2. Why Sufis Whirl  04.35 minutes
3. I Am  04.28 minutes
4. My Heart  05.08 minutes
5. Blessed Life  05.07 minutes
6. Who You Really Are  05.25 minutes
7. Living Truth  03.22 minutes
8. Rivers Run  05.08 minutes
9. This Embrace  04.41 minutes
10. If I Could Give You Anything  07.18 minutes
11. Going, Going, Gone  06.57 minutes
12. I Am (Reprise)  01.31 minutes

Contemporary sacred songs celebrating divine love and the truth of who we are.

Kirtana's lyrics speak of spirituality, from the light and playful to the sublime, with delicate passion.

Her voice, as it plays with the instruments, is never demanding but always an inviting focal point in every song.

The sincerity of 'This Embrace' is further enhanced through vocals by Gangaji, a well-known spiritual teacher."

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